Cookie Policy

Pursuant to, and in accordance with, (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to, for the purpose of brevity, as “the Regulation”), of the 2002/58/CE Directive and of Leg. Dec. 196/2003, Rei Lab s.r.l. provides you with the following information regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies (including web beacon, web bug, clear GIFs, etc.) in the context of browsing the Rei Lab s.r.l. website.

The Data Controller is Rei Lab s.r.l., with registered office in Reggio Emilia, Via Sicilia, 31, 42122 Reggio Emilia, VAT no. 02769390358, in the person of the legal representative pro tempore Giuseppe Esposito Corcione (hereinafter, “the data controller” or “Rei Lab”), available at the following e-mail address:

1. Use of cookies

Cookies are strings of small-dimension texts which the websites visited by users (so-called “first party”) or different sites or web servers (so-called “third parties”) position and store – directly and indirectly – inside the user’s terminal device (for example, personal computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device able to store information).

The cookies referred to in this document also include similar technologies used to collect information on the behaviour of the user and on the use of services, such as, for example, web beacons, web bugs, transparent GIFs and all the forms of local storage introduced with HTML5.

2. Nature of the cookies 

Internet sites use cookies for different purposes and can be distinguished between technical cookies and profiling cookies. 

The Rei Lab site uses the following cookies:

  • strictly necessary technical cookies

they are cookies which are essential for the correct functioning of the site and are used to manage logins and access to the reserved functions of the site. Their disabling compromises only the services accessible from the login. The public part of the site, on the other hand, usually remains useable;

  • functional cookies

they are cookies that permit the user to browse on the basis of the choices made by them which are memorised to optimise the browsing experience (for example, the language, the country, the products selected for purchase). These cookies are not indispensable for the functioning of the site, but improve the quality and experience of the browsing.

The Rei Lab site does not use profiling cookies. 

3. Third-party cookies

The Rei Lab site uses, for mere statistical purposes, cookies developed and made available by third-parties. Specifically, “Google Analytics” cookies are used, a statistical analysis services provided and managed by Google set-up so as to reduce the identification capabilities of the cookies. To this end, the functions that permit the cross-referencing of information on the part of third parties have been disabled. 

The Rei Lab site also contains so-called social plugins, used for sharing contents on the social networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e LinkedIn). The presence of these plugins implies the transmission of cookies from and to all the sites managed by third parties. The management of information collected by “third parties” is regulated by the relative privacy policies to which reference should be made.

The individual cookies of third parties present on the Rei Lab site are shown in detail below, as well as the links to the privacy policies and the means of management of the cookies through which the user can receive more information and request the disabling of the cookies:

– Google Analytics; 

– Facebook 

– Twitter 

To disable only the Google Analytics cookies, it’s possible to use the additional opt-out component provided by Google for the major browsers at the following address: 

4. Duration of the cookies

A number of cookies remain active only until the closure of the browser or upon the execution of the logout command (so-called session cookies).

Other cookies, instead, remain available also in subsequent visits of the user (so-called persistent cookies) and their duration is established by the server upon their creation. In some cases, an expiry date is established, in other cases the duration is unlimited. 

5. Management of the cookies

In the event that that user does not wish to permit the use of cookies, it should be noted that it is possible to disable the cookies on the Rei Lab site by utilizing the browser settings.

By way of example, in Firefox, through the Tools->Options ->Privacy menu, it’s possible to access a control panel where it’s possible to accept or not the different types of cookies and eliminate them.

The links of various browsers to which to access in order to manage the cookies are shown below:



Internet Explorer 



It should be noted that the total or partial disabling of technical cookies could affect the use of the functions of the site reserved to registered users. In contrast, public contents maintain their functionality also after the complete disabling of the cookies.

The disabling of third-party cookies is possible through the procedures made available directly by the third party data controller for said processing, as indicated in the links set out in the paragraph “3. Third-party cookies” of this privacy policy.

6. Updating of the cookie policy

This privacy policy on the use of cookies will be constantly updated. It is recommended, therefore, to periodically check this page to find out about any changes.  Last update: 07/06/2021