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Reinova presents To-Move: the folding electric scooter made of bamboo!

Reinova presents To-Move: the folding electric scooter made of bamboo!

Reinova, the new centre of excellence dedicated to the development and validation of components for the electric and hybrid Powertrain, has today officially presented the To-Move project, the innovative start-up with the objective of designing and developing sustainable vehicles that can offer freedom of movement and flexibility with the right form of last mile transport.

In recent months, Reinova, together with the designer Andrea Strippoli and other talented designers at the Turin Polytechnic, have developed a totally new vehicle, a folding electric scooter made of bamboo. It represents a true revolution for means of transport in the future, opening up a new market segment.

Reinova and To-Move will industrialise the first entirely Made in Italy vehicle designed and patented for last mile mobility. It’s a scooter “forged by nature”, sustainable because it’s made with natural materials and environmentally-friendly, being powered by electricity. In addition, the vehicle is easy to handle, being easily folded and transported, like a trolley, in any context, urban or extra-urban, on public means of transport like trains and planes, with significant advantages from a mobility point of view. The modular structure of the scooter will allow for different speeds and accelerations, depending on destination and autonomy requirements. 

Reinova and To-Move want to provide concrete and urgent solutions for the new industrial revolution in mobility and to amaze with innovative ideas. Giuseppe Corcione, Chief Executive Officer of Reinova and President of To-Move declares: “I decided to create this start-up after falling in love with the ideas, passion and creativity of 3 youngsters. I feel the need to support the development of the new mobility in Italy and to create completely new platforms for vehicles driven by futuristic ideas that fit in with the circular economy. To-Move is only the first example of how Reinova can contribute to creating and converting industrial contexts without posing the problem of what there is to lose, but focusing instead on what can be created, seizing the opportunities generated by this incredible industrial revolution. Connectivity, sharing, sustainability and modularity are the cornerstones of this ambitious project, together with Italian creativity and “Made in Italy” value”.

Andrea Strippoli, Chief Executive Officer of To-Move declares: “Finding people, managers and entrepreneurs that believe in a project, in a design and in the spirit of 3 youngsters was a positive surprise. To-Move will make ideas and dreams come to life; it will give substance to different mobility concepts and will do so with the professionalism, know-how and agility of Reinova’s professionals. We will be rapid, agile and, above all, always innovative. We will be guided by the curiosity to express in products what nature already offers us! To-Move has been created to combine Italian ideas and products. Reinova and e-power will make a technological contribution to the development of the Powertrain. We will provide the right dress for the best of Italian technology”. 

The pen of Andrea Strippoli and the technological know-how of Reinova will together give rise to vehicles of the future. The scooter, in fact, is just the first of other projects to be presented in the coming months. Currently under development, there’s a project for a completely innovative self-driven vehicle and a very high-profile vehicle for big cities that will accompany people to the office.

To keep updated on To-Move, it’s possible to consult the LinkedIn page, https://www.linkedin.com/company/to-movesrl/