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The importance of software: Reinova is ready and able to assist its customers

The importance of software: Reinova is ready and able to assist its customers

Today traditional vehicle manufacturers more than ever need to satisfy the needs of the people that will use their vehicles for mobility and serve them in the most effective way possible. Being focused only on the product is, in fact, no longer a winning strategy.Why is Tesla enjoying so much commercial and industrial success as a great innovator? Elon Musk, the famous and eccentric CEO of Tesla, has recently announced that his company will produce “Robo-Taxis” by the end of 2021. Elon Musk has gone beyond the standard definition of “sector” when classifying the field in which a company operates.

When Tesla was listed on the stock exchange almost 10 years ago, it was considered a carmaker. The characteristic feature of Tesla in the auto industry was that of only producing high-range electric vehicles. Tesla’s initial challenge was that up to that time electric cars had been objectively ugly and with poor performances; they were inferior to traditional cars with an endothermic engine.As Tesla gradually established itself and developed its recharging network for the cars it made, it was also classified as a public services operator that needed to develop powerful batteries and a recharging infrastructure to support the growing number of its electric cars in circulation. Did Tesla enter the energy business because if was one of its objectives or did it do so because it’s a service that supports the growth of electric mobility? Neither of the above has been shown to be true. Tesla did what it did because it’s a “software company”.

It’s difficult to imagine that a carmaker like Tesla could compete with companies that don’t produce automobiles, like Uber and Lyft; it becomes easier to understand the similarities considering that they have to deliver the same value to customers: an economic, reliable and safe mode of transport. Just like Uber and Lyft, Tesla operates in the mobility business.

When seeking to develop a business, it’s necessary to think, broaden your points of view and opinions, go beyond the barriers of traditional industrial sectors. It’s important to consider first the problems of customers and then work backwards on how to resolve them. Software is already shaping the future of the automotive industry, from design and production management and to the complete management of vehicle operation and, in the future, as far as also managing autonomous driving.

Reinova offers modern services to its customers and partners for the continuous improvement of their products and services, also through the development of appropriate software, with an open and multi-sectorial approach in seeking solutions to be developed and delivered to satisfy the requirements of customers of every level.