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We are

European excellence in the heart of Motor Valley

Industrialists based in Emilia-Romagna decided to come together to create an innovative project in the Motor Valley, famous for its world-leading prowess and advancements in the mobility industry. Our centre was born from an idea that seamlessly blends tradition and ambition, both on a local and international level.

Driven by our core values

Smart performance

Result oriented

Ready interdependence

Customer first

Exciting evolution

Continuous learning

Lasting impact


“Every change imposes new rules, new decisions, responsibilities and choices! Without change there is no progress. We believe in innovation, progress and technology at the service of mankind. We want innovation combined with creativity, we rely on courage, risk and commitment.”

Giuseppe Corcione, CEO Reinova

We are

Drive towards Innovation

Smart Mobility

The future of mobility relies on electrification. We support companies throughout the conversion process, to design a long-term strategy.

New Technologies

We are the only company in the territory with this kind of equipment, and the only laboratory in Italy to offer a complete service.

Best solutions

We give fast and simple innovative solutions to reduce time to market, increasing the level of quality, maintaining a low technological risk.


Anyone who has to create a high-tech car comes to Motor Valley to draw inspiration, because this is where you can find skills, people, companies.

We are

Sustainability as a founding value

Sustainability as environmental protection supported by concrete actions and eco-friendly headquarters. Sustainability as an attitude to live and experience our surroundings and working environment without barriers, so that we can freely express our full potential.

A green low-impact plant

What makes us

The skills of the Reinova team

In Reinova, people are equal and completely free to express themselves. The value of each opinion, idea or strategy weighs on the enthusiasm, competence and strength in which one believes in the proposed solution, a weight that has no seniority, background or title.

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