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NRRP – National Recovery and Resilience Plan, for a strategic industrial approach

NRRP – National Recovery and Resilience Plan, for a strategic industrial approach

With the continuous increase in the share of electricity produced by renewable sources, in Italy the emissions produced by battery-powered vehicles will be further reduced.

The electric car’s environmental footprint will become less impactful the more the national energy supply chain completes the ecological sustainable transition for the reduction of emissions of CO2 and harmful gases.

An improvement in the quality of life in our chaotic Italian cities will depend largely on the extent to which national industry will be able to develop technological solutions that are economical, recyclable, reusable and sustainable. Batteries will have to be increasingly smaller, lighter and with a high energy density, so as to make electric vehicles ever more efficient and with greater autonomy. 

The projects that envisage the creation of new, increasingly lighter and efficient means of public transport will be an industrial opportunity to support the ecological transition and collective sustainable mobility in countries like Italy where means of public transport are not yet sufficiently developed to sufficient levels for a modern and technologically advanced society.

While the endothermic engine is the true beating heart of traditional cars, the battery and software, on the other hand, represent the most important and technically complex and strategic elements of electric vehicles, continually subject to rapid technological changes.  

For this reason, a strengthening of a European industry supported by research and development and focused on the creation of a complete supply chain composed of electrification, batteries and software, will be essential for achieving continental independence from fossil fuels and for reconfirming European leadership, today put under question by the new technologies developed, most of all, in the Far East and USA.   

From an industrial point of view, leadership will be required in the next few years to guide the energy transition of businesses having to compete in the international markets of electric mobility and complete automotive production chains.

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