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Reinova and Social Self Driving present the first model of autonomous and semi-autonomous driving

Reinova and Social Self Driving present the first model of autonomous and semi-autonomous driving

Reinova, the new center of excellence dedicated to the development and validation of components for the electric and hybrid powertrain, and Social Self Driving, an Italian startup of Eng. Luigi Mazzola, presented the first revolutionary model of autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.

The presentation, which took place at Reinova’s plant in Soliera (MO), was an opportunity to show the press and stakeholders a preview of the POC Proof Of Concept created by Reinova and Social Self Driving, the first advanced technological system capable of recording the driver’s driving style and reproducing it on autonomous and semi-autonomous cars. In this way, driverless cars will be able to move with an ever-changing style chosen by the user, reproducing the emotional as well as the dynamic part of the vehicle.

Autonomous and semi-autonomous driving represents a very important potential market for the automotive sector in the near future, as witnessed by numerous authoritative market analyses that foresee, in the next few years, a global diffusion of these cars, also electrically powered. The inauguration of this first model, by Reinova and Social Self Driving, is a signal and a confirmation that the Motor Valley is at the forefront of extremely innovative projects related to the automotive world.

Eng. Giuseppe Esposito Corcione, CEO & Co-founder Reinova, says: “We have made the motto – Innovation meets Creativity – one of the mantras of Reinova to push the limits of what exists and is visible before our eyes. We are imagining a connected, shared and safe world by combining the highest forms of technology and artificial intelligence with the passion, creativity and winning spirit of the Motor Valley. Less than a year after the inauguration of Reinova we add another piece, that of autonomous driving, to the strategic plan of Reinova. We are ready to lead this further challenge, always with a view to creating the mobility of the future that is sustainable, connected, shared, safe and with real time updates. The Social Self Driving project represents the synthesis of this important technological challenge. Today we can say that what was just an idea a few months ago is now a concrete and technologically sustainable project. We make self-driving vehicles a passion in motion, recording, replicating and optimizing driving styles through objective indicators (KPIs) and the use of the most advanced machine learning techniques.”

Eng. Luigi Mazzola, CTO & Co-Founder Social Self Driving, already a pioneer on semi-autonomous and autonomous car driving, says: “A few months have passed since the creation of the start-up Social Self Driving and many things have happened. The most important is to have determined an algorithm that uniquely defines the driving style of any driver of old and new generation cars. We were able to create what is at the core of our idea: record, drive and share your driving style. We have defined a partnership with Reinova (Social Self Driving powered by Reinova) that helps us in this real technological challenge. Through a survey carried out in collaboration with an important Italian university, we have seen how enthusiastically a heterogeneous population has accepted our idea. It can certainly be said that anticipation has already been created. Finally, a very precise process has been identified, thanks also to the help of other companies, which guarantees us the feasibility of our idea in a short time. Full steam ahead and towards a new concept of fun in the automotive world.”