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Reinova and TEC Eurolab together for the new electrification revolution

Reinova and TEC Eurolab together for the new electrification revolution

Reinova (www.reinova.tech), the new centre of excellence dedicated to the development and validation of components for the electric and hybrid  Powertrain, has today formalised an agreement with TEC Eurolab (www.tec-eurolab.com), the centre of excellence for laboratory testing, which has been working on national and international projects for over than thirty years, providing high level technical expertise and technological solutions relating to destructive and non-destructive testing, accompanying customers in the design and validation of materials that meet specific operating needs.

The partnership between the two Emilian companies aims to take the Motor Valley into the world of electrification, becoming a key European centre for the new mobility revolution.

Thanks to their respective expertise, Reinova and TEC Eurolab will support customers in the transition to electric through the use of innovative processes and methods. The companies have set up a collaboration as strategic partners to guarantee an integrated offer, to respond to the demand for innovation in the automotive sector and to facilitate this change with improved quality standards and security.   

TEC Eurolab has worked with some of the biggest names in the automobile industry, including leading Italian companies in the racing world, obtaining, moreover, recognition as the approved supplier of important operators in the aerospace sector, including  GE Aviation, Leonardo Spa, Avio Spa, the Boeing Company and Avio Aero.

Engineer Giuseppe Corcione, Chief Executive Officer of Reinova, with regards to the choice of choosing to collaborate with TEC Eurolab declares: The main reason for which we have decided to initiate this cooperation lies in the scope of the mobility programme that we have sought to carry forward in recent months, that is, the creation of a network of businesses that can contribute to increasing know-how and skills in the territory in the electrification field. The idea was to have access to one of the most innovative technologies that TEC Eurolab offers in the territory – that is, computerized industrial tomography – implementing this technology while exploiting Reinova’s experience: in other words, to bring TEC Eurolab closer to the world of batteries and components and to integrate different areas of expertise with the objective of generating added value in the market in terms of security and reliability. TEC Eurolab’s experience in this field, in fact, combined with our experience in the Powertrain sector can be, precisely, an added value to offer to the market.”

Engineer Marco Moscatti, Chief Executive Officer of TEC Eurolab: TEC Eurolab has always pursued technological evolution and contributes to the development and control of new materials, production processes and technologies. The opportunity and challenge of electrification, towards a new sustainable mobility, must be taken up as an industrial district, bringing together the expertise of each company. We have found an innovative partner in Reinova, with vertical expertise on the electric powertrain, and we are enthusiastic to launch this collaboration contributing both our material analysis skills and specific technologies unique on the market, such as 6 MeV LINAC tomography for non-destructive 3D control of complex assemblies like lithium batteries.”