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Reinova is among the protagonists of Ecomondo Key Energy (Hall D7, stand 066), the reference event in Europe for the ecological transition and the new models of circular and regenerative economy, scheduled in Rimini from 26 to 29 October 2021.

Reinova, the new center of excellence, dedicated to the development and validation of components for the electric and hybrid powertrain for sustainable mobility, brings its technological and innovative contribution to the showcase of Ecomondo Key Energy.

In a context of great transformations affecting the transport sector, the Emilian company, led by CEO Giuseppe Corcione, is at the forefront of this ecological transition that in the last year has seen a sudden acceleration. In this regard, Reinova has been invited Wednesday, October 27th (11am-1pm) to participate in the work of the Conference “E-Valley, la transizione elettrica nella Terra dei motori” (E-Valley, the electric transition in the Land of Motors), an important opportunity to reflect on the future of the Emilian Motor Valley in the light of the electric transition. Giuseppe Corcione, who will be speaking at the event organized by Vaielettrico.it and the MOTUS-E Association, says: “We are living in a historical moment of great changes and the automotive sector, which it would be more correct to rename mobility, is not to be outdone, indeed it is at the center of these transformations. The Motor Valley itself is changing skin, adapting to new needs and new markets and has already been renamed “Electric Valley”, in fact we are convinced that the new mobility revolution is in electrification and in Reinova we want to lead it with innovative ideas, creativity and efficiency. We believe that the new mobility is a User-Centric concept, where products and transport services must be able to respond to the needs, habits and preferences of consumers. In order to support it, it is essential to have a vision and a clear industrial policy that promotes certain, rapid and constant funds for the next 5 years to support technological innovation in the world of power electronics, software, battery development and hydrogen, as well as support for higher education and job placement for new professionals“.

For more information visit us at our STAND 066 Hall D7.

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