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Reinova, the mobility project for the Italian electric revolution

Reinova, the mobility project for the Italian electric revolution

Today saw the official launch of the Reinova project, the pioneering pole of excellence for the development and validation of e-powertrain components for sustainable mobility, born from an idea of REI Lab s.r.l., Unindustria RE and Fondazione REI, with the support of major banking partners, including Intesa San Paolo, and primary local businesses and businesspeople.

Sustainable electric mobility has a bright future. In the coming years, we will see a huge increase in vehicles with reduced, if not zero, environmental impact on the road. Numerous studies show that people are ready to buy electric and hybrid cars, and are in favour of more sustainable mobility. From here comes the need to get organised and find solutions to foster this transition, turning the difficulties linked to this epoch-making change into opportunities. 

The Reinova project responds to new and future sustainability needs in the field of mobility, providing sector businesses with innovative solutions to support the development, and validation of e-powertrain components for e-mobility with the aim of reducing their time to market, accompanying this transformation in the easiest and most agile way possible.

Reinova has become reality born from a communion of ideas of a pool of experts from REI Lab s.r.l., Unindustria RE and the Fondazione REI who had the vision of entering the sustainable mobility market in a crucial time of change for the sector, with a pioneering project involving major banks, including Intesa San Paolo, who recently announced an €8 million loan, and primary local businesses and businesspeople including Motor Power Company S.r.l., VE-CA S.r.l., Aimone Storchi and Christian Aleotti, with a total investment of €3.5 million.

Giuseppe Corcione, Reinova’s current CEO, a manager with major experience in the automotive sector, in primary international companies and contexts, with managerial positions in the powertrain field and in Global Business Unit Management, states: “We are building a pole of excellence to support the transition to sustainable mobility in the heart of Motor Valley, in Soliera (Modena). In our 10,000 m2 plant we will have a highly qualified team and unique equipment in the area, and will be the only hub in Italy to offer a complete service. The gradual change that is leading to a new paradigm, the passage from endothermic to electric engines, is not a mere technical adaptation of various types of vehicles but implies a complete re-think of the idea of mobility. Reinova wants to be a part of this extraordinary new ecosystem evolving around electric power,” and concludes by talking about the strategic value of the Reinova business vision: “The underlying idea behind this project came about during the first lockdown last year, and it got concretely off the ground in late 2020, with the union of some far-sighted businesspeople with roots in Emilia who firmly believe in its potential, with esteemed managers and some banks, including Intesa Sanpaolo, making it possible to trigger an authentic revolution in the electrification sector that has never been seen before in Italy.”

On the choice of where to set up the company, the Chairman of  REI Lab s.r.l., Guido Prati, had no doubts: “We chose the Motor Valley district as the ideal habitat for setting up Reinova, as this has represented, and continues to symbolise, a reference for development, ideas and innovation in the global automotive world, but also because by setting up here Reinova can benefit from those unrivalled values that have made this territory great, including high skills and professionalism, passion and commitment as well as very strong business acumen. Anyone wanting to make a high-tech car comes here for inspiration, as it is here that they will find all the skills, people, companies and networks they need. With our partners, we asked ourselves how can this reality continue to maintain such a high level of excellence in a world moving towards electrification, towards a category of vehicles with a different DNA? From here came the need to support the conversion process of businesses, creating an independent project that marked a clear break with the past, opening a channel of competence that is completely different from what came before. Reinova will be offering its services and accompanying the excellences of the Motor Valley to help them on the path to electrification in the best possible way.


Reinova’s main services concern the design and validation of components for e-mobility, so electric vehicles, including battery packs and modules. It will start with design verification, including the analysis of materials and structures, competitor analysis, to mention just a few steps, up to the component production process, where environmental impacts will also be assessed. To do this to the highest level, we must develop new solutions able to offer the best validation skills; in particular, the aim is to increase the quality level for customers, at the same time maintaining a low technological risk and a reduced time to market. And this is where the Reinova Research and Development division comes into play: here the aim is to improve validation methods through systems, algorithms (AI), hardware and software, developed specifically using extremely advanced tools supported by artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

The next steps on the Reinova timeline, which has already been defined and planned, are all clearly in line with the governmental provisions relating to the health emergency. 

The project should go live in July 2021.

The mobility revolution has just begun, and Reinova is ready to play a key part.